About us

The objective of the CCIUCN is to provide a focus for Canadian member organizations to support the IUCN by:

  • developing the fullest possible communication and co-ordination among Canadian members of IUCN, and communication between IUCN and Canada and vice-versa;
  • mobilizing the scientific and professional skills, practical experience and data of the Canadian official and voluntary bodies necessary to support the above;
  • stimulating and fostering conservation and research leading to that end;
  • serving as a clearing-house for dissemination of information from IUCN; publishing and disseminating appropriate information to help establish Canadian views in relation to matters raised by IUCN; this is without prejudice to the right of individual organizations to express an independent view, or of Canadian government agencies to give the official scientific and professional conservationist view;
  • assisting national, and international, conservation activities

The CCIUCN is a federal not-for-profit organization. The bylaws are available here as pdf document.

Board of Directors for 2018

Meg Beckel, CCIUCN President
Nadine Crookes, CCIUCN Vice-President
Dawn Carr, CCIUCN Secretary
Brian Roberts, CCIUCN Treasurer
Elyse Curley
Shailyn Drukis
Lisa McLaughlin
Don Mitton
Scott Slocombe
Risa Smith

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