Members of the CC-IUCN

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The CC-IUCN is a not-for-profit organization consisting of individual, non-governmental organization and government members. Current members include:

  • Jim Beckett
  • David Brackett
  • Norman B. Brandson
  • Anne Breau
  • Dawn Carr
  • John Cartwright
  • Colleen S.L. Mercer Clarke
  • Elyse Curley
  • Iain Davidson-Hunt
  • Shailyn Drukis
  • Christine Elwell
  • Eli Enns
  • George Francis
  • Sishir Gautam
  • David Gauthier
  • John Girgis
  • George Greene
  • Paul Grigoriev
  • Luke Harrison
  • John Herity
  • Jim Johnston
  • Elena Kreuzberg
  • Clément Lanthier
  • Danna Leaman
  • Christopher Lemieux
  • Marilyn H.S. Light
  • James McCuaig
  • Luba Mycio Mommers
  • Yves Paris
  • Marc Patry
  • Agnes Pawlowska-Mainville
  • Anurani Persaud
  • K.G. Lahiru Ishan Samaranayake
  • Scott Slocombe
  • Risa Smith
  • Jérôme Spaggiari
  • Guy S. Swinnerton
  • Jim Thorsell
  • Liette Vasseur
  • David Welch
  • Lynn Wilson
  • Stephen Woodley

Young people play a vital role at the CC-IUCN. As part of a broader initiative within the IUCN, the 2014 AGM was dedicated to how we can better engage youth in the implementation of its mandate.

CC-IUCN Youth Ambassadors have led discussions on how to better connect younger generations to nature and its protection in Canada. Youth are also represented on the CC-IUCN Board of Directors.