Young people play a vital role with the CCIUCN. As well as the initiatives you can read about on this website, the CCIUCN strives to have a Board of Directors that considers diversity in its broadest sense, including youth members.

The 2014 CCIUCN Annual General Meeting was dedicated to exploring opportunities for engaging youth in nature as part of a broader initiative within the IUCN to embrace future generations in the implementation of the Union’s mandate.

At that meeting, twelve youth were invited to present their work and to share ideas for connecting youth to nature. Group discussions were led by the youth delegates about what role the CCIUCN could play to advance a youth and nature agenda in Canada and what role the CCIUCN could play at the 2014 IUCN World Parks Congress.

As a result of these discussions, CCIUCN Board members, Shailyn Drukis and Elyse Curley developed the CCIUCN Youth Ambassadors initiative to help strengthen the commitment of the CCIUCN to focus on youth-related goals. The Youth Ambassadors work with the Committee to develop ways to connect youth to nature, and to integrate the youth voice in the work of the CCIUCN and related meetings. In 2014 four CCIUCN Youth Ambassadors attended the 2014 World Parks Congress. In 2016 our Youth Ambassadors will attend the IUCN World Conservation Congress.